Why should I migrate to Charset-Normalizer?#

There is so many reason to migrate your current project. Here are some of them:

  • Remove ANY license ambiguity/restriction for projects bundling Chardet (even indirectly).

  • X5 faster than Chardet in average and X2 faster in 99% of the cases AND support 3 times more encoding.

  • Never return a encoding if not suited for the given decoder. Eg. Never get UnicodeDecodeError!

  • Actively maintained, open to contributors.

  • Have the backward compatible function detect that come from Chardet.

  • Truly detect the language used in the text.

  • It is, for the first time, really universal! As there is no specific probe per charset.

  • The package size is X4 lower than Chardet’s (4.0)!

  • Propose much more options/public kwargs to tweak the detection as you sees fit!

  • Using static typing to ease your development.

  • Detect Unicode content better than Chardet or cChardet does.

And much more..! What are you waiting for? Upgrade now and give us a feedback. (Even if negative)